RECORDING: How to Start a Business or Charity With an Impact Webinar

Happy, Happy Friday!

As we slide on into February, it seems like 2018 is already flying by. A reality I come to understand more and more each passing year.

And because January is synonymous with resolutions, many of which are tied to opening a business or charity, I hosted a webinar last week on that very topic. Actually, a bit more specific.

For 40 or so minutes I walked through the different steps of starting a business or charity that has impact. What should you think about, and how should you plan? What are the first steps you should take? In addition to resources and little Q&A.

I’m including a recording below. Be sure to check out the next webinar where I’ll talk about the different legal structures out there. If you’ve been wanted to form something, but aren’t sure what it should look like you’ll want to join.






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