My Appearance on The Philantrepreneur Radio Show

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Last week I sat with Victoria Boyd over at The Philantrepreneur Radio Show to chat about nonprofit governance. We laughed, we cried but most importantly we shed some much-needed light on a pretty murky topic.

In a feat of defiance, I break down what we mean when we talk about nonprofit governance. We also cover why governance matters, and what you’re missing out on when you ignore it. Long story short, you’re missing the forest for the trees. And it’s important organizations understand they won’t have a maximum impact until this is addressed.

I also talk about ways to get better at doing governance and little tricks to ease governance into an organization’s sub-conscious. Curious about how to get this on people’s radar? We talk about that too. Along with traps to watch out for, why you should look into hiring someone and big takeaways.


So Why Does Governance Matter?

Well now, this is cheating. But since you ask, one reason would be the missed opportunities.

Governance is the life-blood of the organization. Yes, more so than money. How you do things, when and for what reason. These are just a few examples of  what makes up an organization’s DNA. If you don’t clearly define them, understand them and operate within them then how effective can the rest of the organization be?  A lack of clarity here always shows up in the work.

Another reason? Because it’s expected. Whether you know it or not, people are judging you by your governance program and culture. Major funders are asking about it and insisting it be a focus. Watch-dog groups are reporting and grading you on it. Donors are looking to see it in things like posted 990’s and financials or a clear ethics culture.

Everyone is looking at and for this my friend. Why not be intentional you present this, just as you are with social media and marketing?


Who Should Listen

What’s neat about the conversation is it applies to so many organizations in their various phases. It’s never too early or too late to look at this. And there are always ways to improve.

Talking Points

For a taste of what we cover I came up with these talking points. Spoiler Alert: Governance is really, really important. Click through if you want a quick outline and a few summary points.


The Show

I encourage you to check out the show when you get a chance. I had a good time, and the conversation is pretty light-hearted; with a few jokes thrown in for entertainment.





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