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Know that feeling when you find a twenty in your back jean pocket? Or unopened butterscotch at the bottom of your bag? Both sum up how we feel being nominated for a Best Legal Blog contest hosted by The Expert Institute.

Really, it’s exciting for a number of reasons. One, who doesn’t want to be the best? We do (and have the elementary school kickball ribbons to prove it.) Secondly, it’s recognition by folks who work with legal experts. As accessible as we try to be, at the end of the day we want org’s to know what’s happening in the legal world. Better understand the legal perspective. That you all are getting that means the world.

Top winners get a cash prize, which ain’t a bad deal. BUT more importantly, other winners are put on a Best Legal Blog list and newsletter promotion. Years from now, when interviewing with Oprah. Chatting about the Notation Nation (working title, nothing in cement) over lemonade won’t you feel satisfaction knowing you contributed? We thought you would.

So, if you’ve read the blog and enjoyed your time with us please take a minute to vote here. Your family will be proud.

In othernews, article coming up on the 1023-EZ; way to go or bad idea. We’ll let you decide.

Have a good weekend!


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