New Year, New Non-profits, Same Concerns

With a new year generally comes a new vigor, new resolutions, new shoes (perhaps that’s just me)  and a new conviction to attack that bucket list. More often than not, I find “Start that nonprofit and/or foundation” rounds out the top five for many folks. So inherently, I get a few more calls in January from people in the process of starting an organization or in contemplation.

Never one to be a Negative Nancy, I’m always supportive of someone saving the world. But I do ask founders to sit down and think through a few considerations before setting out. Having done this again a few days ago, I thought it might be a good idea to repost something I wrote a while ago called “Want To Start a Non-profit? Here Are A Few Questions To Ask.”

The stakes have changed a little bit since this was originally posted. The push for new, flexible entity structures and support from the legislature (via the Startup JOBS Act and the Philanthropic Enterprise Act) has given organizations a big boost. On the flip side, the increase in charity scandals has caused states the step up burdensome regulation and a new business environment has exempt organizations competing more and more with for-profits for grants. So I see myself updating this list in the near future.

In the meanwhile, there are always those big picture considerations that hold true no matter what environment we’re in, and these are just a few. Enjoy. And feel free to post considerations you feel are important in the comment box.


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