Innovative Giving Foundation hosting ” Mobile Giving Demystified”

Announcing the Innovative Giving Conference

“Mobile Giving Demystified”

September 27-28th, 2010

Pepperdine University

Malibu, California

With the flurry of articles out discussing how to reel in younger donors, this conference seems to be right on time.

Like it or not, studies are showing that donations are increasingly going down. I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anyone. However, it has been interesting to see that those who are still donating steadily generally comprise the “baby boomer” generation. Donations amongst those 40 and younger have been dismal to say the least. Many fund-raising consultants  attribute the disappointing numbers to organizations trying to apply old fund-raising techniques to a new generation. Though I believe this is only part of the problem, learning how to use something that is literally fused to most peoples hands these days, that being the phone, I think SOME organizations will find a conference like this really helpful.

You can find more information on the conference and register here.