A Day of Reflection

I feel anything, good or bad, that can be said about today has been said. Consequently, I don’t believe my writing a diatribe is an appropriate way for me personally to show my condolences for those who were lost this day, nine years ago.

I truly feel the best thing I can do personally is to reflect on that which has happened, and what part I may play to ensure that it never happens again. We all tend to get so wrapped up in movements and trends that we sometimes fail to remember that an entity is only as strong as the components it is comprised of. And we cannot even begin to talk about changing the World, unless we first focus on inciting that change within ourselves.

So as I sit here reflecting on all those families affected by the tragedy both then, and those who have family continuing to fight now, my primary thought is that I must ensure none of these lives are lost in vain. My commemoration must not be just a day, but a lifetime. Not just a thought, but a lifestyle. The way that I live, interact with others, even the way that I think must forever be an homage. I must imbibe and exude a compassion that far surpasses that which is thought necessary or appropriate by today’s standards. In fact, I must ooze compassion and maintain a constant dialogue of understanding with those I meet, and those I will not. With that I accept, and more importantly which that I cannot comprehend.

I must do this, all in the hopes of sparking that reaction, that movement of hope, empathy, and tolerance that I hope to one day see throughout the world.