Funding Conundrums: A Few Dos and Don’ts of Fundraising

Where would a non-profit organization be without funding?  Helping organizations expand  outreach and influence constituencies the old adage rings true: Money makes the world – and non-profits – go ‘round. There are, however, a number of problems that can accompany non-profit fundraising.  When funds are low,  many organizations  resort to chasing any type of funding […]

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“I’m Incorporated, Now I Need To Be Tax Exempt….Right?”

Today I was talking with a woman who wants to found an organization, that educates young girls, in the near future. Planning out all the necessary steps the EIN was covered, she worked through the steps of  incorporation and began asking me questions about the next natural  step; filing for her tax-exemption status. And while […]

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Government Contracting Abuse: Yes, It Does Exist

Government contracting is a great idea.  Non-profits are guaranteed money and work for extended periods of time, which means guaranteed growth while doing what they love to do.  Conversely, governments are provided with a source of expertise to do the work rather than wasting precious time trying to figure it out themselves. By all indications […]

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Want To Start a Non-profit? Here Are A Few Questions To Ask

We’ve all seen it. The article featuring a multi-million dollar non-profit founded on a 150 dollars, a pack of gum and a dream. The founder who fought the odds, the downturns, and perhaps even a den of wild lions, to ensure that the vision was fulfilled. With each passing year we read these stories with […]

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This Week's News-makers 3/27

I am a huge fan of learning from other people”s mistakes rather than making my own. Consequently, I thought it might be helpful to post links to those with non-profits who managed to make the news (and not in a good way). Hopefully, seeing what others did to get them on the front page will […]

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