Keeping Nonprofits on Their Toes: The Mythical Lesson


I’ve been reading on social enterprise/ hybrid models recently and a common theme I’ve seen weaved throughout is this belief that new models are necessary, if for no other reason than,  to “shake up” the nonprofit community, “keep them on their toes” and give ’em a “run for the money”. And this kinda upsets me. […]

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Israel NGO Drama: Are We Much Better Than Them?

Though happening a little ways away, I found this story pretty interesting nonetheless. The New York Times and Foundation Center are reporting that an Israeli cabinet recently voted to severely limit contributions made to Israeli non-profits by certain foreign groups. Not only are tremendously high taxes being waged but contributions are also being capped at […]

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Software Licenses and Non-Profits: To Utilize Or Not To Utilize?

Adobe Photoshop™, Adobe Acrobat Reader™, Microsoft Word™, PowerPoint and Excel.  There is  a variety of software available  that not only make life easier, but enable creativity and productivity to reach new levels.  However, few people understand that when it comes to software you generally don’t “own” it, rather, it is being “licensed” for use. In […]

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Causality Spring/Summer Brand Grant

Though this isn’t necessarily legally oriented, I thought this would be a good opportunity to post. This group offers grants to non-profit organizations to assist in their branding campaigns. They will select a minimum of three of organizations to receive one of these grants, awarded as professional branding and marketing services, valued at $1,000 – […]

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