Nonprofits and Joint Ventures


Wow. Took a bit of a hiatus there. Wonder if I”m cool enough to say I was “summering”? Regardless, what better way to start things back up than talking about joint ventures! In all seriousness, this topic is one that has become really important for nonprofits and other exempt organizations.  What most don”t understand is […]

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Privacy Policies For Non-Profits: Sample & Resources

A few weeks ago, I did a podcast on privacy policies. Ironically, I”ve come across dozens of articles and posts on privacy law since then, addressing the logistics of implementing a privacy culture to companies getting popped for privacy violations. So it seems the topic is definitely a timely one. Today I decided to pull […]

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Succession Planning Series Part III: Best Practices & Resources

Afraid we’re now coming to the end of our succession planning journey. In the first post, we addressed typical mistakes  organizations make when beginning succession endeavors. In the second post we briefly addressed legal issues you’ll want to be aware of regardless of what stage of succession planning you’re in. In this post, I’ll provide […]

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Succession Planning Part I: What Is It and What Are Common Mistakes?


Succession planning is something most for-profits are all too familiar with, but is just starting to really catch on in the non-profit arena. Consequently, many experts feel that “succession planning” in the non-profit context hasn”t entirely been defined. But generally, when Executive Directors (ED”s) and Boards refer to succession planning they are referring to a […]

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Succession Planning: The Series


  A few days ago I had the privilege of sitting down with a well-known and fairly well-respected community leader here in Houston. We discussed everything from her journey as a “transplant” to the founding of her very successful non-profit organization. Whizzing through the organizations 15 year history, I was amazed to hear what she’d […]

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