Funding Conundrums: A Few Dos and Don’ts of Fundraising

Where would a non-profit organization be without funding?  Helping organizations expand  outreach and influence constituencies the old adage rings true: Money makes the world – and non-profits – go ‘round. There are, however, a number of problems that can accompany non-profit fundraising.  When funds are low,  many organizations  resort to chasing any type of funding […]

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Great Resources and Articles for Non-profit Organizations

IdeaEncore and JDSupra have just released some fantastic resources for non-profit/ tax-exempt organizations. And it just so happens that they’ve also featured yours truly (that would be us). *cue up The Jefferson’s theme Song* But seriously, I am ecstatic to see the attention non-profits are starting to get.  Particularly in regards to resources and education. […]

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Government Contracting Abuse: Yes, It Does Exist

Government contracting is a great idea.  Non-profits are guaranteed money and work for extended periods of time, which means guaranteed growth while doing what they love to do.  Conversely, governments are provided with a source of expertise to do the work rather than wasting precious time trying to figure it out themselves. By all indications […]

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Want To Start a Non-profit? Here Are A Few Questions To Ask

We’ve all seen it. The article featuring a multi-million dollar non-profit founded on a 150 dollars, a pack of gum and a dream. The founder who fought the odds, the downturns, and perhaps even a den of wild lions, to ensure that the vision was fulfilled. With each passing year we read these stories with […]

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Come one, Come all..With Your Suggestions? What Do Non-Profits Want?

I had a conversation with someone today, who just happens to be a non-profit guru, and we came to a very similar conclusion. It seems like alot of the educational programming targeted to non-profits are one and the same. If its a marketing topic then its some general overview of social media or how to […]

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