Israel NGO Drama: Are We Much Better Than Them?

Though happening a little ways away, I found this story pretty interesting nonetheless. The New York Times and Foundation Center are reporting that an Israeli cabinet recently voted to severely limit contributions made to Israeli non-profits by certain foreign groups. Not only are tremendously high taxes being waged but contributions are also being capped at […]

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Last Week’s News-makers 6/12

Take a look at those making non-profit news last week.   AT&T Buys Nonprofit Support for its Anticompetitive Merger : CJR The Nonprofit Quarterly | @npquarterly | Nonprofit Dental Center to Win Battle against the Alabama Dental Association Nonprofit organization helping inner Il software del nostro casino online puo essere completamente rimosso […]

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This Week’s News-makers 5/29

Been gone for a little while BUT it’s never too late to hop back on the wagon. So here’s the latest installment of those non-profits making the news this week.   PHA nonprofit didn’t file with IRS | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/29/2011 Pols aim to ban money for nonprofits’ boards – What […]

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This Weeks News-makers 4/3

Here’s another round-up of those making the news in the non-profit world. AARP: If Congress wants to take away our nonprofit status, it will have to change tax code | The American Independent Fiesta Bowl Chief Ousted After Report Shows Wrongdoing – Philanthropy Today – The Chronicle of Philanthropy- Connecting the nonprofit world with […]

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This Week's News-makers 3/27

I am a huge fan of learning from other people”s mistakes rather than making my own. Consequently, I thought it might be helpful to post links to those with non-profits who managed to make the news (and not in a good way). Hopefully, seeing what others did to get them on the front page will […]

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