If You Had One Piece of Advice For Nonprofits, What Would It Be?

That’s what I’m asking attorneys of all backgrounds to answer. Wait! Before you say anything,  grab a camera (or click on the webcam) and record it. Wait! I know what you’re thinking. After all, I did go to school with hundreds of you. But think about it. Where else can you get free advertising, an […]

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General Counsel's Social Media Report Is…..Interesting?


Once upon a time there was this board that told businesses and organizations that they effectively had little to no control over how employees presented them to the public via social media. The End. At least that”s what I took away from the General Counsel”s Report on Social Media that was recently released (InsideCounsel discusses […]

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Houston Group Assists Non-Profits Needing Social Media Help

  There is a great group in Houston that hosts a networking event every month called Social Media Breakfast. In December they will be choosing several local non-profits and assisting with the creation and implementation of their social media strategies (appropriately called the “Gift of Guidance”). This is certainly a department ALL of us could […]

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Whether You Can Fire Over Facebook Posts Has Been Decided. Kinda.

In A Social Media Policy: Better To Have One Now Than Later I mentioned cases pending against company’s for allegedly firing individuals over Facebook posts. In one particular case, a woman alleged that she was terminated shortly after  she posted some “not so nice” remarks about her boss on Facebook. The National Labor Relations Board […]

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A Social Media Policy: Better To Have One Now Than Later


I am definitely a fan of employees and volunteers using social media to further a non-profit’s mission. Particularly since the success of many organization”s has depended on the ability to create an internet presence. However, while the impact of websites such as Facebook and MySpace has been mostly positive, with increased use comes increased legal […]

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