Notations on Non-profits: If You’re Not Reading Us, You Should Be…

…. as evidenced by recent news I received. Notations on Non-profits was recently named as #48 in the “Top 50 Excellent Blawgs You Aren’t Reading Yet“! Woo-hoo!! I’m super excited about the news, and hope I can continue to help those in the non-profit world  looking for legal guidance.

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Have You: Hired an Attorney?

With a New Year comes new opportunities. But with new opportunities can also come new legal exposure. For those organizations fortunate enough to endeavor into new programs or services, do you have a system in place to vet them for potential liabilities? When contracting out services, are new vendor contracts being reviewed? Is diligence being done on the subcontractors? Another tricky situation associated with expansion is when non-profits begin fundraising campaigns in territories whose laws and regulations they don’t familiarize themselves with. This can create a risk of being fined, sued, or subject to a myriad of different regulatory penalties. Or what about non-profits that began to stretch the reach of their organizations, whether it be the type of services provided or the individuals helped?

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Why Do Lawyers Worry So Much?! How to Work With Your Non-profit’s Attorney

Today I was talking with a client about implementing a better system for keeping track of volunteers and their signed agreements. After talking for about five minutes she quickly interrupted me, and asked why I was so worried about everything going wrong. Matter of fact, she just couldn’t understand why all the attorneys she met […]

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Non-profit Lawyer vs. Lawyer With a Non-profit: There is a Difference


Just because there’s an attorney on the Board, doesn’t mean an organization is necessarily in the clear……..

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