Important Employer Update: IRS Expands Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program

Whenever the topic of a hire comes up, especially a first hire, the conversation tends to go like this: Organization: By the way, we’re looking into hiring our first (insert position)…sooooo excited. Me: Fantastic! Have you spoken with someone in HR or someone that does employment law? Organization: Eh. No. We’re just going to have […]

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Updates For Exempt Organizations With Employees


Employment law can be so niche, and change so often, that I tend to shy away from talking about it. But the situations below run so counter to what  folks generally believe to be true that I thought it important to at least highlight them. Those with employees will definitely want to pay attention to […]

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“Like” The HAUL Facebook Page, Get A Free Nonprofit/Small Business Presentation

Last month I had the honor of presenting again to the Houston Area Urban League’s Entrepreneurship Class. The presentation was geared toward discussing a few of the legal issues I’ve found for-profits and non-profits encounter when forming and operating. Though not all-inclusive, I think it gives a great overview of concerns founders and executives should […]

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Audio From Contract Basics for Nonprofits Google+ Hangout

Not too long ago I hosted a Hangout on Contract Basics for Non-profits. It was super informal and super quick. Because I wanted to keep it to thirty minutes I didn’t get too much into the details. But I did briefly address some basics such as what a contract is, what it is comprised of, […]

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Presentation Slides on the Obligations and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board

4/2 Update: For those who were having trouble accessing the link to the full presentation and outline, it has been updated. Good Morning! Isn’t it a perfect day to be thinking about your board obligations? …..Well, I think so. And it got me to thinking about a presentation I did not to long ago, with […]

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