A Veritable Education Buffett…..

Ahhhh….the smell of new education. I bring up new education because I”ve decided to team up and  offer a workshop addressing some of the legal issues non-profits face in the near future. Disappointed by the offerings, or lack there of, of education for non-profits from a legal perspective, I”ve decided to take the veritable bull […]

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10 Things A Non-profit Should Include In Its Contracts

All to often non-profits transact on a hand-shake and a wink. Doing this not only places the organization at risk, but the person “contracting” as well. In some states, acting too reckless could leave the person entering these oral agreements personally responsible. But I attribute the inability, or refusal, to implement contracts to a belief […]

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Non-profits and Blogging: The Reality Of It All

Years ago, the word “blogging” would conjure thoughts of teenagers logging into LiveJournal and documenting what they’d had for lunch that day.  But these days, blogging has taken on an entirely different life.  Now, it’s a powerful tool used to globalize a brand, reach a wider audience and forge connections.   Fun and cost-effective (free, in […]

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Come one, Come all..With Your Suggestions? What Do Non-Profits Want?

I had a conversation with someone today, who just happens to be a non-profit guru, and we came to a very similar conclusion. It seems like alot of the educational programming targeted to non-profits are one and the same. If its a marketing topic then its some general overview of social media or how to […]

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