Updates For Exempt Organizations With Employees


Employment law can be so niche, and change so often, that I tend to shy away from talking about it. But the situations below run so counter to what  folks generally believe to be true that I thought it important to at least highlight them. Those with employees will definitely want to pay attention to […]

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General Counsel's Social Media Report Is…..Interesting?


Once upon a time there was this board that told businesses and organizations that they effectively had little to no control over how employees presented them to the public via social media. The End. At least that”s what I took away from the General Counsel”s Report on Social Media that was recently released (InsideCounsel discusses […]

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Have You: Created A Process For Contracts?

Contracts. Necessary for the facilitation of business but can be the rue of an organization. Few fully understand how easy it is to wind up bound for contracts you either don’t want responsibility for or, worse, don’t even know about. I will spare the dissertation over agency law. But under common law there is the […]

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Be Careful What You Ask For In Employee Handbooks, You Just Might Get It

It seems like I”ve been writing alot about labor issues recently, but this particular case interested me. And it poses an interesting dilemma seeing as how what this case involves is a typical practice. A Texas employer disseminated an employee handbook and a separate arbitration policy. Sent over email, the employee handbook attempted to bind […]

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Have You: Instituted Background Checks?

I don’t know about you,  but I’ve volunteered for a couple organizations that had somewhat “sketchy” volunteers. But more than being uncomfortable, I’ve started to notice more and more lawsuits holding non-profit organizations responsible when volunteers go (or do) wrong. There is a school of thought out there that believes a non-profit should take it […]

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