Great News and Upcoming “Not To Be Missed” Nonprofit Events

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy….hence the absence of recent “notations”. But I did want to take a sec to talk about some great coverage we’ve gotten recently and exciting things coming up. First, Capital One Spark Business was gracious enough to cover us today. I’m absolutely OVER….THE….MOON over how it turned out. […]

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Legal Resources for Nonprofits Presentation

I hosted a quick Google Hangout on legal resources nonprofit organizations can use in their day to day. I did this because I often get questions from organizations that can be found pretty quickly with a few clicks. Now, I don’t at all mind answering questions but I always find it helpful for the organization […]

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Keeping Nonprofits on Their Toes: The Mythical Lesson


I’ve been reading on social enterprise/ hybrid models recently and a common theme I’ve seen weaved throughout is this belief that new models are necessary, if for no other reason than,  to “shake up” the nonprofit community, “keep them on their toes” and give ’em a “run for the money”. And this kinda upsets me. […]

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Houston Area Urban League 2011 Small Business Presentation

2011 Small Business Presentation for HAUL View more presentations from Erin McClarty   I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. Not too long ago I had the privilege of speaking before the Houston Area Urban League (HAUL). This a fantastic organization, and superstar in Houston, dedicated to providing education and programming for […]

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A Veritable Education Buffett…..

Ahhhh….the smell of new education. I bring up new education because I”ve decided to team up and  offer a workshop addressing some of the legal issues non-profits face in the near future. Disappointed by the offerings, or lack there of, of education for non-profits from a legal perspective, I”ve decided to take the veritable bull […]

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