The Contract Process and Steps to Managing it: Part I [INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC]

Okay, okay. Last contracts post…..for now. But in all fairness, this deluge of posts comes from the surprisingly large amount of questions I’m getting from organizations about contracts. From how to draft them to which contracts to use it seems organizations are starting to get hip to reality; nonprofits are a business and have to [...]

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Things To Bear In Mind When Finalizing And Signing A Contract

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So I was recently “inspired” by a contract I received a few nights ago from a local organization. I’m not exaggerating when I say looking at it for five minutes forced me to  lay it down, center myself and breathe (the ED and I had a laugh about it the next morning so don’t feel [...]

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Updates For Exempt Organizations With Employees


Employment law can be so niche, and change so often, that I tend to shy away from talking about it. But the situations below run so counter to what  folks generally believe to be true that I thought it important to at least highlight them. Those with employees will definitely want to pay attention to [...]

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Nonprofits and Joint Ventures


Wow. Took a bit of a hiatus there. Wonder if I’m cool enough to say I was “summering”? Regardless, what better way to start things back up than talking about joint ventures! In all seriousness, this topic is one that has become really important for nonprofits and other exempt organizations.  What most don’t understand is [...]

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Audio From Contract Basics for Nonprofits Google+ Hangout

Not too long ago I hosted a Hangout on Contract Basics for Non-profits. It was super informal and super quick. Because I wanted to keep it to thirty minutes I didn’t get too much into the details. But I did briefly address some basics such as what a contract is, what it is comprised of, [...]

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