Ex Officio, Ex Officio, Wherefore Art Thou: Position Still Relevant In This Day and Age?

Was recently looking through a set of bylaws; checking things off and putting things in. But when I got to the ex officio section  it got me thinking. Can something that sounds like a Shakespearean villain still be relevant today?  I jest, but in all honesty just how effective is the ex officio concept  as […]

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Blue Avocado Piece On Staffing and Supporting Board Committees

Shortly before the holidays I saw this piece by Blue Avocado on staffing and supporting board committees and wanted to make sure I discussed it. Especially since it ties in so well with my last post on when and how to use Board Committees. A few takeaways, and epiphanies, I got from this piece were: When […]

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Have You: Created A Charter For Your Nonprofit Committee?

In a recent post I talked about a few things organizations should do when they create or utilize board committees. One of the things I mentioned (that I’m a huge fan of) is the committee charter. It’s kinda like a constitution for a committee and helps make committees more effective by setting out the who, […]

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Managing “Sucky” Board Members

So many organizations miss the opportunity to utilize Bylaws for their intent; an objective guideline for how the operations of an organization should be carried out. If Board Members are expected to do something, or not do something, that should be set out here. I peruse blogs all the time to see what people are […]

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Presentation Slides on the Obligations and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board

4/2 Update: For those who were having trouble accessing the link to the full presentation and outline, it has been updated. Good Morning! Isn’t it a perfect day to be thinking about your board obligations? …..Well, I think so. And it got me to thinking about a presentation I did not to long ago, with […]

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