Nominate Notations on Nonprofits for the ABA’s Top 100 Blawgs List


Nominate us here.  “Erin. I check in with your blog from time to time and lo-oove  your timely yet understandable explanations, templates and resources. What on earth would I do if it weren’t for you guys? Let me know if there’s anything I can ever do to assist you in your noble goal of education […]

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Audio From Contract Basics for Nonprofits Google+ Hangout

Not too long ago I hosted a Hangout on Contract Basics for Non-profits. It was super informal and super quick. Because I wanted to keep it to thirty minutes I didn’t get too much into the details. But I did briefly address some basics such as what a contract is, what it is comprised of, […]

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Organization's Selling Goods Should Know This Rule


Brian Hurh “recently” reported on something in the Payment Law Advisor that has flown relatively under the radar. But organizations that sell goods over the internet will want to pay attention. Currently, there is a law called the “Mail or Telephone Order Merchandise Rule” that governs the sale of goods over….well, the mail and telephone […]

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Help or Hype: With All These New Concepts Are We Just Being Duped?

Due to the litany of emails, posts, articles, tweets etc. I’ve seen on crowd-funding and new legal (formation) structures I couldn’t help wondering whether there was some dialogue I could be adding to the conversation. So I’ve spent the last few weeks researching and speaking with various individuals…and have found myself wondering… Are we all […]

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Wowza…Its Been A Year Already?

I’ve been so busy ripping and running I didn’t even take time to realize that a year came and went! (oh how my yogi would be disappointed with my “present”ness.) I just wanted to thank every reader, passer-by(er), clicker, commenter, re-tweeter, facbooker and everyone in between. I’ve received a tremendous amount of support, great feed-back […]

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