Hire An Attorney Like A Pro


Originally appeared on the Startup Grind. Photo Credit: Unsplash http://bit.ly/1OiLATe I see it all the time: organizations run out to buy top of the line computers, walking desks, fancy Swedish staplers – you name it. But the minute I recommend they hire an attorney there’s pause – “that’s too expensive!” Maybe they should wait until there’s more of a […]

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If You Had One Piece of Advice For Nonprofits, What Would It Be?

That’s what I’m asking attorneys of all backgrounds to answer. Wait! Before you say anything,  grab a camera (or click on the webcam) and record it. Wait! I know what you’re thinking. After all, I did go to school with hundreds of you. But think about it. Where else can you get free advertising, an […]

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5 Contracts Every Non-Profit Should Know About Part II

5 Contracts Every Non-profit Should Know About Part II from Erin McClarty on Vimeo.   Come one, come all I’ve finally posted the second half of my webinar. For those who didn’t catch part I be sure to check it out here. Youtube and I seem to be having difficulties right now (the video is […]

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Five Contracts A Nonprofit Should Know About Webinar

Not too long from now I”ll be hosting a quick webinar on a few contracts nonprofits will want to familiarize themselves with. Not only will I mobile casino name a few agreements, but I”ll discuss typical issues that arise with them and suggest language that may be able to help. You can find the webinar […]

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Wowza…Its Been A Year Already?

I’ve been so busy ripping and running I didn’t even take time to realize that a year came and went! (oh how my yogi would be disappointed with my “present”ness.) I just wanted to thank every reader, passer-by(er), clicker, commenter, re-tweeter, facbooker and everyone in between. I’ve received a tremendous amount of support, great feed-back […]

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