The IRS 1023 Change You Should Check Out

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Good news!

Unlike our good friend “Pharma Bro,” the IRS’ Exempt Orgs Group is having a few good weeks; announcing changes to the IRS 1023 and 1024 application pages. All a part of the Group’s efforts to make the process more accessible.

In and of themselves, the changes aren’t ground-breaking. Now, left sidebars link to other IRS exemption resources. But applicants visiting the site, quickly caught in the haze that is tax law, will find the additions welcome.  Links cover the application process, expediting the process and the agency’s exemption checklist. Important because understanding what exemption is and requires is key to any type of success.

Here’s a link to the 1024 page and the 1023.

Anyone looking into exemption should look through the sidebar before making a move. I say “should” and not  “must,” because I don’t want to be pushy around Christmas time.

But seriously, these links give you a sense of what to expect. I tell my orgs, you can find out now or you can find out in the thick of the process; but it’s coming either way.

And as you scroll, “may the force be with you” this weekend!


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