For Non-Profits In Risk of Losing Status, Tool-kit Saves the Day

The world wide web has been buzzing about the IRS filing deadline fast approaching for some non-profits. Last I checked, there were tens of thousands of non-profits in danger of permanently losing their tax-exempt status. Consequently, in an effort to mitigate the damage, the IRS has devised this nifty “tool-kit.” Much like a press-release kit, this includes a video detailing the importance of the new deadline, a couple of articles discussing what the 990 is and all the forms necessary to be brought in compliance.

If you have, or are involved with, a non-profit that has not filed a 990 within the last three years make sure to check for their name on the list of organizations at risk. Matter of fact, I’m a huge fan of better safe than sorry, so check the list regardless just to make sure the IRS hasn’t made a mistake. Those who don’t meet the deadline will not only have their exemption status revoked, but will have to go through the process of reapplying all over again. And let’s be frank, that would suck.

You can find the toolkit here.