DOJ Announces Hearings On Website Accessibility And Revisions to ADA

As I discussed in an earlier article, the DOJ has been looking to implement its rules regarding website accessibility and the Americans With Disabilities Act. As a quick recap, organizations subject to the ADA (including many non-profits under Title III) are required to make print as well as internet materials compliant with various ADA regulations. Though this has always “technically” been a rule, it has never truly been implemented. But the DOJ is seeking to change that, and very soon.

As I mentioned before, I wrote an earlier article on what compliance constituted and what organizations could do to ensure websites met these requirements. However, the DOJ has now announced they are conducting  public hearings to discuss issues related to web accessibility online casino and possible changes that could be made to the ADA. Non-profits are encouraged to present comments at the public hearings, and for those who are not able to be  present, organizations may register to speak via the telephone or by video. However, if you”d like to present comments, you have to register at least five days before the respective hearing date.

After initially posting the article on the ADA changes,  I heard alot of organizations complain about cost, training and some of the other logistics smaller organizations might face, particularly in light of today”s economic climate. Here”s the chance to stand up and voice these same concerns. More information can be found here.