IRS Form 1023: Upcoming Changes and Getting Stuck on The Narrative

I was in the process of drafting this post and got a nifty reminder from the IRS about Form  1023″s upcoming makeover. One that I think alot of people are going to be excited about. For those who haven”t heard, the IRS has begun developing a new interactive Form 1023.  Information boxes will pop up […]

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Federal Exemption Doesn’t Mean Tax Free: The Reality of State Taxes

A common misconception I’ve started to come across is the belief that receiving a 501(c)(3) status means an organization is no longer responsible for any taxes. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. I think alot of the confusion comes from the fact that so many words in the nonprofit/exempt org’s space tend to be used interchangeably. […]

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Public Disclosure: Figuring Out What Documents To Make Available

Ironically, while politicians focus on what some nonprofits won’t share there are still tons of organizations struggling with what to share. In fact,  “what do I need to disclose to the public” is a question that, at least for me, comes up pretty often. But disclosure is a tough topic. Primarily because there are so […]

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Nonprofit Data Collection and Use: Could This Become A Legal Obligation One Day?

Like me, you all have probably noticed a big increase in the number of conversations on data measurement, collection and use by nonprofits. Personally, the more I’ve read about it  the more I start to wonder if we’ll see these conversations hop over from the best practice side onto the legal side. I say this […]

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Unincorporated Nonprofit Association: What It Is, The Benefits and The Disadvantages

Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Summary | Create infographics Increasingly, I’ve seen articles about the innovative things happening in the social enterprise and nonprofit sectors;  spin-off paradigms  for funding, updated accountability standards and the creative application of missions. All of which run counter to the trending misconception that in order to facilitate change “new” things have to […]

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