Posts For Those With Nonprofits….

Here’s a list of posts for those with non-profits but are just doing some homework:

Named One of Houstonia's Top Attorneys 2017 for Nonprofits! *Insert Dancing Emoji*

The Way to Build Impactful Networks and Coalitions

The Dangers With a For-profit and Nonprofit Hybrid Structure

8 Ways To Recruit and Keep More Volunteers For Your Fundraising Events 

Want to Fundraise Successfully? Use Human Service Design.

5 Big Bylaw Blunders (Try Saying That 3 Times)

Why “Can My Board Fire Me?” is the Wrong Question

For a Good to Great Privacy Policy Ask Questions

How To Create A Kick-butt Org Chart

Political Activity and Nonprofits: Why It's Vinegar And Oil

My Appearance on The Philantrepreneur Radio Show

Why Board Forum's Are Important & A Software Giveaway

What Are Your Nonprofit's New Year Resolutions?

Finish The Year With A Bang, Start Your Fundraising Checkup List

Disrupt Your Industry Within The Comfort Of Your Own Fence

New Year, New Org: Nonprofit New Year's Resolutions

Are We Missing the Problem in the Nonprofit Overhead Discussion?

Much Ado About IP

Nonprofit Internal Controls: What To Do With the End In Sight

Nonprofit Internal Controls: What To Do

Understanding and Negotiating Nonprofit Software Licenses

Nonprofit Internal Controls: Post Numero Uno

Blue Avocado Piece On Staffing and Supporting Board Committees

When, Why and How You Should Be On The "Committee" Bandwagon

Managing "Sucky" Board Members

Legal Resources for Nonprofits Presentation

Lessons Nonprofits Can Learn From the Hershey's Controversy

Public Disclosure: Figuring Out What Documents To Make Available

Nonprofit Data Collection and Use: Could This Become A Legal Obligation One Day?

Important Employer Update: IRS Expands Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program

The Contract Process and Steps to Managing it: Part I [INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC]

Have You: Created a Mission Statement?

Things To Bear In Mind When Finalizing And Signing A Contract

Revisiting How We Talk About Nonprofits And My Conversation With StayClassy

New Year, New Non-profits, Same Concerns

Have You: Created a Gift Acceptance Policy?

When Developing and Maintaining a Website Don't Forget The Legal Stuff

Updates For Exempt Organizations With Employees

A List of "Considerations" When Entering Into A Contract

Nonprofits and Joint Ventures Part Deux: Tax Treatment

What Is a Joint Venture?

Have You: Thought Through Attorney-Client Privilege?

Alternative Funding Series: Crowdfunding and The Terms You Fund On

Treasury Proposes New Examples of Program-Related Investments

"I'm Supposed To Keep Those Emails?" The Need For An Electronic Document Policy

A Few Local Resources for Houston Nonprofits

Keeping Nonprofits on Their Toes: The Mythical Lesson

Audio From Contract Basics for Nonprofits Google+ Hangout

Presentation Slides on the Obligations and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board

Reminder: Contract Basics for Nonprofits Google+ Hangout 3/22

Significant Changes to the Form 990 to Watch For

The New(er) Legal Structures: A Quick L3C, Flex Purpose and B-Corp Overview [INFOGRAPHIC]

Organization's Selling Goods Should Know This Rule

How To Avoid Entering the "Oops" Agreement

General Counsel's Social Media Report Is.....Interesting?

2012 Nonprofit Organizations Institute: What I Learned

Privacy Policies For Non-Profits: Sample & Resources

Privacy Policies for the Non-profit Organization: Podcast

Succession Planning Part I: What Is It and What Are Common Mistakes?

Succession Planning: The Series

5 Contracts Every Non-Profit Should Know About Part II

Houston Area Urban League 2011 Small Business Presentation

Video From "5 Contracts Every Non-profit Should Know About" Webinar

"Ownership": Whether Art or Non-profits Is it Really All That Bad?

Have You: Taken a Look at Your Articles of Incorporation?

Boosters or Bust: Should Booster Clubs File For Exemption

The (Quick) Skinny on Charitable Trusts

You'll Be Saww-wyyy: The Unauthorized Use of Photos

Key Provisions Artists' Should Be Aware Of In Commission Agreements

Funding Conundrums: A Few Dos and Don’ts of Fundraising

Fund-raising Food For Thought

Executive Compensation Considerations

What To Do When Hiring a Speaker

Have You: Created A Process For Contracts?

Potential Problems With Planned Giving

10 Things A Non-profit Should Include In Its Contracts

Too Much Confidentiatlity...There Is Such A Thing

Non-profits and Blogging: The Reality Of It All

"I'm Incorporated, Now I Need To Be Tax Exempt....Right?"

Have You: Met Your Financial Reporting Obligations?

Government Contracting Abuse: Yes, It Does Exist

Have You: Developed Good Intern Policies?

So You Want To Hire An Intern? Why You Really Should Learn The Law First

Be Careful What You Ask For In Employee Handbooks, You Just Might Get It

Have You: Instituted Background Checks?

Court Rules that CAN-SPAM Means You Can't Spam On Facebook

Liability Risk Management and Protection for Non-profits

Have You: Created a Time-Keeping System?

Hours, Sch-mours. Why You Really Should Be Keeping Track

Have You: Drafted A Confidentiality Agreement?

Whether You Can Fire Over Facebook Posts Has Been Decided. Kinda.

"Charge It": Such A Small Phrase For Such A Big Disaster

Have You: Drafted a Records Management Policy?

What Is One Thing Always At Risk? Your Tax-Exempt Status

Do Random Alcohol Testing? The End Might Be Near

Why Do Lawyers Worry So Much?! How to Work With Your Non-profit's Attorney

A Social Media Policy: Better To Have One Now Than Later

Great Web Resources For Non-profit Organizations

Have You: Created a Board Handbook?

Defending Others Could Leave You Stuck With The Bill

Non-profit Lawyer vs. Lawyer With a Non-profit: There is a Difference

Have You: Created a Volunteer Agreement Yet?

Gaining and Keeping Your Tax-Exempt Status

Demystifying Private Inurement

FTC May Make Collecting Consumer Data not Worth the Hassle

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