Posts For Those Thinking About Starting A Nonprofit

Here’s a list of posts you might find helpful if you’ve thought about starting your own nonprofit:

What Nonprofits & Social Enterprises Need to Know Plus Other Musings: An Interview

The Dangers With a For-profit and Nonprofit Hybrid Structure

How To Use An LLC In Social Impact

8 Ways To Recruit and Keep More Volunteers For Your Fundraising Events 

5 Big Bylaw Blunders (Try Saying That 3 Times)

Learning to Plan Better: A Social Entrepreneur's Best Tool

Why “Can My Board Fire Me?” is the Wrong Question

For a Good to Great Privacy Policy Ask Questions

Takeaway From Bill and Melinda's Chicken-Gate: Dialogue is Key

The 501(c)(4) Change No One’s Talking About

How To Create A Kick-butt Org Chart

What To Watch For In A Fiscal Sponsor

Starting A Nonprofit- A Posts Roundup

Another Way To Understand Nonprofit Entities

1023-EZ Update and Where Charities Stand

3 Things You Should Consider Before Applying for Fiscal Sponsorship

Why Board Forum's Are Important & A Software Giveaway

The IRS 1023 Change You Should Check Out

Should My Nonprofit Use the 1023-EZ Form?: The Pro's and Con's

Disrupt Your Industry Within The Comfort Of Your Own Fence

Have You: Decided What State is the Best Home For You?

Nonprofit Internal Controls: What To Do With the End In Sight

All About Logistics: 5 Things to Think About After Forming a New Organization

Guest Post: 5 Things To Think About Before Starting A Nonprofit

When, Why and How You Should Be On The "Committee" Bandwagon

IRS Form 1023: Upcoming Changes and Getting Stuck on The Narrative

Federal Exemption Doesn't Mean Tax Free: The Reality of State Taxes

Legal Resources for Nonprofits Presentation

Have You: Created a Mission Statement?

Revisiting How We Talk About Nonprofits And My Conversation With StayClassy

Have You: Created a Gift Acceptance Policy?

Unincorporated Nonprofit Association: What It Is, The Benefits and The Disadvantages

A List of "Considerations" When Entering Into A Contract

Nonprofits and Joint Ventures Part Deux: Tax Treatment

What Is a Joint Venture?

Board Members Can Be Paid......Right?

A Few Local Resources for Houston Nonprofits

Keeping Nonprofits on Their Toes: The Mythical Lesson

Audio From Contract Basics for Nonprofits Google+ Hangout

Presentation Slides on the Obligations and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board

Reminder: Contract Basics for Nonprofits Google+ Hangout 3/22

Significant Changes to the Form 990 to Watch For

The New(er) Legal Structures: A Quick L3C, Flex Purpose and B-Corp Overview [INFOGRAPHIC]

How To Avoid Entering the "Oops" Agreement

General Counsel's Social Media Report Is.....Interesting?

Help or Hype: With All These New Concepts Are We Just Being Duped?

2012 Nonprofit Organizations Institute: What I Learned

Privacy Policies For Non-Profits: Sample & Resources

Succession Planning Series Part III: Best Practices & Resources

Succession Planning Series Part II: Legal Issues

Privacy Policies for the Non-profit Organization: Podcast

Succession Planning Part I: What Is It and What Are Common Mistakes?

Succession Planning: The Series

5 Contracts Every Non-Profit Should Know About Part II

Houston Area Urban League 2011 Small Business Presentation

Video From "5 Contracts Every Non-profit Should Know About" Webinar

"Ownership": Whether Art or Non-profits Is it Really All That Bad?

Have You: Taken a Look at Your Articles of Incorporation?

Boosters or Bust: Should Booster Clubs File For Exemption

Five Contracts A Nonprofit Should Know About Webinar

The (Quick) Skinny on Charitable Trusts

You'll Be Saww-wyyy: The Unauthorized Use of Photos

Key Provisions Artists' Should Be Aware Of In Commission Agreements

Funding Conundrums: A Few Dos and Don’ts of Fundraising

Fund-raising Food For Thought

Executive Compensation Considerations

Great Resources and Articles for Non-profit Organizations

Non-profits and Blogging: The Reality Of It All

"I'm Incorporated, Now I Need To Be Tax Exempt....Right?"

Have You: Met Your Financial Reporting Obligations?

Have You: Developed Good Intern Policies?

Want To Start a Non-profit? Here Are A Few Questions To Ask

So You Want To Hire An Intern? Why You Really Should Learn The Law First

Have You: Instituted Background Checks?

Non-Profits May Soon Face A Privacy Bill Like No Other

Liability Risk Management and Protection for Non-profits

Have You: Drafted A Confidentiality Agreement?

"Charge It": Such A Small Phrase For Such A Big Disaster

Have You: Looked At Your By-laws

What Is One Thing Always At Risk? Your Tax-Exempt Status

Have You: Hired an Attorney?

Do Random Alcohol Testing? The End Might Be Near

Why Do Lawyers Worry So Much?! How to Work With Your Non-profit's Attorney

IRS Creates Health Insurance Incentive For Non-Profits

A Social Media Policy: Better To Have One Now Than Later

Great Web Resources For Non-profit Organizations

Have You: Created a Board Handbook?

Court Holds Ignorance of Retention Laws Is No Excuse

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Board Handbook

DOJ is Set Up To Crack-Down on Non-Profits and Website Accessability

Non-profit Lawyer vs. Lawyer With a Non-profit: There is a Difference

Have You: Created a Volunteer Agreement Yet?

Gaining and Keeping Your Tax-Exempt Status

Demystifying Private Inurement

FTC May Make Collecting Consumer Data not Worth the Hassle

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