Nonprofit Internal Controls: Post Numero Uno

Whew. Now that things have slowed down a bit I want to post about something many (if not all) the last few presentation organizer”s have asked me to talk about; internal controls. Specifically, internal controls for organizations with staff smaller than 10 people and budgets less than 100K. What Are They and Why Do They […]

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General Counsel's Social Media Report Is…..Interesting?


Once upon a time there was this board that told businesses and organizations that they effectively had little to no control over how employees presented them to the public via social media. The End. At least that”s what I took away from the General Counsel”s Report on Social Media that was recently released (InsideCounsel discusses […]

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Privacy Policies For Non-Profits: Sample & Resources

A few weeks ago, I did a podcast on privacy policies. Ironically, I”ve come across dozens of articles and posts on privacy law since then, addressing the logistics of implementing a privacy culture to companies getting popped for privacy violations. So it seems the topic is definitely a timely one. Today I decided to pull […]

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Succession Planning Series Part III: Best Practices & Resources

Afraid we’re now coming to the end of our succession planning journey. In the first post, we addressed typical mistakes  organizations make when beginning succession endeavors. In the second post we briefly addressed legal issues you’ll want to be aware of regardless of what stage of succession planning you’re in. In this post, I’ll provide […]

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Succession Planning Series Part II: Legal Issues


Before I move on to solutions and best practices, I wanted to make a quick detour on this Succession Planning voyage of ours (it”s my blog so I can do that *raspberry*). It”s important that I point out that there are legal considerations that must be taken into account  when devising a succession plan. These […]

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