New Social Enterprise Incubator Coming to Houston, Texas

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in a social impact “unconference”, hosted to introduce a social enterprise incubator opening in Houston. All I can say is, IT’S A-BOUT (hit the “bout” hard) TIME. A re-occurring theme throughout the conference was the (seemingly) short supply of resources for social enterprises in Texas, and more […]

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The Dangers With a For-profit and Nonprofit Hybrid Structure

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Every so often, a group of us sit down with folks from the IRS Exempt Orgs Section and chat. Talk about upcoming developments, things the IRS sees and for us to watch out for. In June, there was a lengthy discussion on structuring for-profit/nonprofit hybrid structures that stuck out to me.  One, it’s interesting the IRS is seeing so […]

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Why You May Be Donating Wrong and My Brush With Effective Altruism

A few years ago, I suggested nonprofits might start to see laws requiring impact benchmarks to keep their nonprofit status.  Sadly, much like the prospects of a reunion N’Sync tour, this hasn’t come to pass. At least not entirely, though watchdog groups and state agencies are starting to ask more questions about this. The irony is, it has come […]

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Everyone Gets a Texas Benefit Corporation!

No one is talking about this, but Texas recently passed a bill allowing for-profit corporations to elect a benefit corporation status. This is “uuuuugee.” For years, legislation has gone up to the Texas Legislature and gone the way of Beanie Babies. But not this time! I haven’t had a chance to digest everything entirely, but […]

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Legal and Finance Workshop for [ALL] Entrepreneurs

Morning! June is panning out to be a busy month for everyone. But there’s always time for a business workshop. On Saturday June 17th, the Social Enterprise Alliance-North Texas Chapter will be holding a Legal & Finance Workshop in Dallas, Texas from 9:45am-12:15pm. Here’s a summary of some of the topics we’ll cover (click on image […]

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For-Profit v. Non-Profit is the Wrong Question

  What’s Happening When You Ask This Outside of spoon or spork and burgers with mayo or mustard there’s no debate as infamous as whether a venture should be a for-profit or a non-profit. The number of times grief stricken entrepreneurs approach me with this questions is too many to count. And I get why people think it’s […]

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Nonprofit Lobbying: Our Flying Purple People-Eater

Photo Credit: Purple People Eater Movie (c) No Nonprofit Lobbying: The Legend Not so shockingly, my demand for talks on lobbying and advocacy rights have gone up, way up. Sitting almost as high as the blood pressure of most Rockets fans right now (C’mon Team!) Which isn’t a problem. I love to talk, and I […]

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