For-Profit v. Non-Profit is the Wrong Question

  What’s Happening When You Ask This Outside of spoon or spork and burgers with mayo or mustard there’s no debate as infamous as whether a venture should be a for-profit or a non-profit. The number of times grief stricken entrepreneurs approach me with this questions is too many to count. And I get why people think it’s […]

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Nonprofit Lobbying: Our Flying Purple People-Eater

Photo Credit: Purple People Eater Movie (c) No Nonprofit Lobbying: The Legend Not so shockingly, my demand for talks on lobbying and advocacy rights have gone up, way up. Sitting almost as high as the blood pressure of most Rockets fans right now (C’mon Team!) Which isn’t a problem. I love to talk, and I […]

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Doing Good Through Business Presentation (Download)

Monday I had the privilege of speaking at Peoplefund’s Innovation Week. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a whole week of FREE workshops and programming for small businesses and nonprofits. It’s glorious, and I wrote about it here. My presentation talked about the different ways to do good with and through business. In part […]

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Education Opportunity for Houston Nonprofits, Social Enterprises and Other Businesses

There’s an amazing learning opportunity (I’m sorry, FREE learning opportunity) coming up for ventures of all kinds. Each year the kind folks at Peoplefund put on an Innovation Week. One is in Austin and another is in Houston, with Houston’s starting next week. For an entire week, each day is filled with free seminars and programming on all […]

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What Is a Social Enterprise, Anyway?

social, enterprise

Social enterprises prioritize human and environmental well-being over profits. When you designate a percentage of profits toward helping a specific charity, it can turn your business into a social enterprise. Many social enterprises manage to balance the seemingly conflicting needs of profitability with sustainability and social enterprise. It really is just a question of priorities. […]

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Funding Changes Are A ‘Comin: How Nonprofits Can Prepare

federal, budget, nonprofit, social, enterprise

The news on the national budget is sobering. Honestly, these days I’d rather watch lions chase those poor gazelles than to check the news. But today’s Friday. Let us grieve, catch a “WTH” margarita on happy hour and then let’s get to work. (For now) this is our new reality, and it calls for a […]

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Structuring Social Impact

Happy International Women’s Day!! In the spirit of mission, I wanted to share an infographic I created that goes over the different options social entrepreneurs have in structuring their work. The cool thing is, many of these are cross-sector. So they apply to different ventures, including not for profit. And I share this in the hopes of […]

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