Wowza…Its Been A Year Already?

I’ve been so busy ripping and running I didn’t even take time to realize that a year came and went! (oh how my yogi would be disappointed with my “present”ness.)

I just wanted to thank every reader, passer-by(er), clicker, commenter, re-tweeter, facbooker and everyone in between. I’ve received a tremendous amount of support, great feed-back and I haven’t even started yet.

There are some really exciting things ahead. I’ll be hosting a webinar for non-profits on contracts, creating a workshop for non-profits addressing legal issues and there may even be a couple of sponsorships sprinkled on top.

But at the end of the day my passion and joy lies in helping people that help others. So if there is ever anything I or the blog can do to help (provided its legal of course) please don’t hesitate to ask.