This Week's News-makers 3/27

I am a huge fan of learning from other people”s mistakes rather than making my own. Consequently, I thought it might be helpful to post links to those with non-profits who managed to make the news (and not in a good way). Hopefully, seeing what others did to get them on the front page will help keep you from being there as online casino well. Over the next few days I”m going to try to come up with some snazzy name. For now, “This Week”s News-makers” will have to suffice (yea creativity).

  • Non-profit group receives state-wide complaints about robo-calls in Wyoming
  • Embezzlers steal trust of small business, but a good discussion about how non-profits can avoid the same fate
  • Former treasurer is charged for embezzling from local non-profit
  • Amongst rumors of misappropriation Madonna”s charity hangs in the balance
  • Trustee”s for charity agree to settle lawsuit