Notations on Non-profts 2011 Review: The Five Top-Dog Blog Posts

Not wanting to miss out of the air of nostalgia that seems to be going around I decided to put together a quick list of the top posts from this past year.

And let me say what a year this has been.

What started out as my attempt at post law school catharsis has truly become a driving force for me.  I don’t, and never will, hold myself out to be the Seth Godin of the non-profit world. For one thing, my audience is probably 1/1000th of his (as well as my salary). But what I have tried to do is translate a skill-set I feel helps to save the world (the practice of law) with an industry of people that go out and save the world everyday. And by doing so, not only have I been able to make my contribution but I’ve been humbled in way that I can only appreciate. Humbled by the enormity of good people out there that continue to fight even though they won’t get to appear on the magazine covers or give a snazzy TED speech. Humbled by the organizations that tirelessly trudge through  disappointment, red-tape and dismal resources all for the sake of people they don’t know. And humbled by the reality that  though I am doing something  to help, there is still so much more I can do.

So I’m excited for what the new year will bring as I’ve made it a point to do just that: more. Providing more resources via the blog. More education via forums I plan to host (stay tuned). And more collaboration with those other organizations that would like to do more as well. Interesting developments for something I was originally only going to do once or twice a month eh?

So with that, here are five of my top-dog posts for 2011:


1. Have You: Drafted A Confidentiality Agreement?

In this post I pasted a copy of a sample confidentiality agreement I drafted that I felt nonprofit’s could adapt and use. People absolutely ate this post up. By far, almost 80% of my readers at least gave this one a look.


2. Have You: Created a Volunteer Agreement Yet?

In this post I discuss the reasons why nonprofit’s will want to consider putting a volunteer agreement into place. I also suggest provisions organizations will want to looking into incorporating when drafting this agreement. Slacked a little by not finishing the sample, but I plan to have it up in the next 2-3 weeks.


3. Have You: Developed Good Intern Policies?

In this post we explain why nonprofit’s will want to ensure they’ve got sound intern policies in place before hiring an intern. For those organizations with interns already, you’ll find reasons why you should put one together post-haste (it’s never too late!). Resources on intern policies and sample policies from other nonprofit organizations were also included.


4. Have You: Drafted a Records Management Policy?

This post discusses the reasons why nonprofit’s need an effective policy in place dealing with how documents are kept and for how long. There are also links provided which address recent laws/legal developments that should persuade those who might otherwise think this policy isn’t important. Resources and suggested language are also provided.


5. Want To Start a Non-profit? Here’s A Few Questions To Ask

Last but not least, this was a post I felt particularly compelled to write. In it are considerations that all potential founders should take into consideration before creating a nonprofit. Not intended to discourage per se, the primary purpose of this post was to get people thinking. Tax-exempt organizations are a huge undertaking. Realizing that, I pose a few questions, and make a few suggestions, for those thinking about embarking on that journey.


So, check ’em out. I have a sneaking suspicion that once you get a gander at all this nonprofit goodness you’ll be coming back for more! Which, of course, is a good thing. And don’t think I didn’t notice the trend with these top five. Almost all of them dealt with posts chock full of examples and resources. Be on the look-out for more in the coming year.

Anywho, thanks again for all the support and see you in the new year!!!!