What Nonprofits & Social Enterprises Need to Know Plus Other Musings: An Interview

Finally getting a chance to post!

Working on a few posts, including a recap of the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit, a post on disruption and business models. For now, I wanted to share one of my favorite interviews up to date with Mr. Social Entrepreneur. We laughed, we cried (from laughing) but dived into some amazingly complex and interesting stuff. Like,

  • What does “Social Entrepreneurialism” mean and what’s my beef with the definitions I see,
  • What have I learned from being in the social impact space,
  • What is (one) of the greatest lessons I’ve learned; and
  • What’s my advice for those looking to start a nonprofit, social enterprise or any community related business?

This is one of those interviews where you’re not sure where the nuggets of knowledge came from, but you grab a pen and write them down when you hear them again. So I hope you enjoy!

And you want to chat more about anything we chatted on, send me an email!

Writeup: https://mrsocialentrepreneur.com/discussing-social-good-business-law-and-nonprofits/