Governance: Something You Already Do, But Could Do Better….

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Governance. Has a word in our nonprofit vocabulary been more blown out of proportion? (Actually don’t answer that. Our beloved “strategic-planning” probably gives it a run for its money.)

Still, journals publish looong articles about this. Every Tuesday there’s a webinar. And we can’t keep track of the books written on it. So much material, but does anyone understand what it actually means? Not really.

Consultants and academics turn this very simple concept into a convoluted pile of exercise. Using terms that dizzy us when we repeat them. And leaving the impression that governance is only done by certain organizations in their governance jackets at governance hour. In other words, it’s become something organization’s feel is out of their reach; removed. Left only for the organizations with an overflow of people and money to handle.

When the reality is, every organization is carrying out governance every day. It’s:


Your Board voting on a motion;

Your process for signing checks;

Where you keep your minutes; and

Who makes the decisions on certain gifts.


See, it isn’t a question of whether or not you can do governance. Of course you can, you do it now. The question is, how well do you do governance?

Because people are already making this call for you on your behalf. As in, right at this moment!  Watchdog groups rate how well you do governance. Donors pull 990’s to see what you have in place. And major funders make its priority on your list a large part of their decision-making. Effective governance has been but continues to become the expectation. And the reality is, you miss out on opportunities when you ignore something so fundamental.


Learn More…

Next Wednesday (March 2nd) join Dr. Victoria Boyd and me to hear about the missed opportunities. I’ll also break down governance once and for all and talk about ways organization’s can start to shape up the governance side with minimal resources. If you have questions, feel free to call in! Link below:


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