Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns: The Legal Concerns With Each Step

From the outside looking in, cause-related marketing campaigns seem pretty straight forward. A company sells something and donates a certain amount from each sale to an organization.


But whenever:

1. a product or a service is offered for purchase;

2.with a promise that the purchase will benefit a charity or cause

there are all kinds of laws, guidelines and regulations that kick in.

Which means this type of campaign can become overwhelming and quickly. All the more reason why it’s important for organizations to take a step back and plan before approaching anyone.

Recently, I wanted to get an interested organization to think through the process.  To me, the easiest way to do this (that wouldn’t drive them to Candy Crush)  was to work through a hypothetical campaign. The organization created milestones.  With each milestone I highlighted a few concerns, then had them brainstorm a few more. The exercise worked so well I thought I should post something similar on the blog.

As I mentioned, this timeline isn’t a real campaign, it isn’t a recommendation as to how things should work and doesn’t illustrate all the different scenarios organizations might work through before, during or after a campaign. But it does break down some of the typical steps and walk you through a few legal/logistical concerns organizations should looking at from the POV of a mythical ED.

To work through the timeline, slide/scroll through it and click on each box. You can also click left or right in the text box too.






Great compilation of resources at the Cause Marketing Forum


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