Named One of Houstonia’s Top Attorneys 2017 for Nonprofits! *Insert Dancing Emoji*

I’ve been remiss with posting! But to be fair, I’ve been out in these streets speaking and convening and spreading the message about all of the amazing work social impact organizations are doing and Houston and more. Over the next few weeks I’m posting new resources and checklists for those of you looking to start […]

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The Way to Build Impactful Networks and Coalitions

network, group, coalition, collaborative, consortium

Creating a network/coalition seems like a good idea, until it finds itself with members ready to duke it out over crudites and hummus. I’m an impact freak, and as such believe the truest way to accomplish impact is to do it collectively. Harnessing and leveraging diversity in perspective, expertise, funding, resources and exposure. However. To […]

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Entrepreneurs for Change, When Will You Create Your “Light-bulb”?

entrepreneur, startup, social, enterprise, nonprofit, business

But no, Ikea kicked over the sandbox, somersaulted and did a Segal kick over to the monkey bars. Developing a lightbulb that you install as you would any other light but dim with a separate and unattached dimmer. Wires? Ikea said we don’t need your stinkin’ wires.   Pulling things apart, putting them back together. […]

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What Nonprofits & Social Enterprises Need to Know Plus Other Musings: An Interview

Finally getting a chance to post! Working on a few posts, including a recap of the Social Enterprise Alliance Summit, a post on disruption and business models. For now, I wanted to share one of my favorite interviews up to date with Mr. Social Entrepreneur. We laughed, we cried (from laughing) but dived into some […]

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What Your Harvey Relief Efforts May Be Missing: Intentionality

business, charity, disaster, harvey, relief, donation

As many of you know, I’m based in Houston, Texas. And  stayed during Hurricane Harvey. Outside of the mounting depression that builds after being stuck inside for 4 days/when it rains 4 days straight without break/when you’re worried about being blown away, the trauma of watching so many suffer so many losses took a bigger […]

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