Legal Stuff

So, in true legal fashion, it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE I make a few disclaimers:

1. Though I am licensed to practice, nothing on this website is to be construed as legal counsel. My posts are purely informative, and meant to educate on what my perceptions are with recent events and cases.

2.  I don’t represent readers that come across the site. But I am more than happy to refer anyone interested in more information to licensed practitioners or relevant resources.

3. The opinions expressed here are purely my own, and are not reflective of any organizations that I am affiliated with.

4. I am not  responsible for any comments made on the site. However, I do ask that all comments be respectful to fellow readers, myself, ethnic groups, etc. (I think you get the gist).

5. Absolutely, positively, without a doubt NO ADVERTISING. Don’t solicit myself, or any other readers. They have apps for that.

6. Anything disclosed on the website is not subject to attorney-client privilege.  So if you’re an organization with current legal issues, please contact an attorney.

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