Got A Question?

I am more than happy to answer general questions that people have. However…….

  1. I practice law in Texas. Consequently, my knowledge is limited as to the specifics of other states. If it is something I’m unfamiliar with, I’ll do my best to orient you and possibly refer sources that can help.
  2. Just as blacksmiths get paid for their iron-work and bakers get paid for their baked goods I get paid for my knowledge. So if you ask something like “What are all the laws I need to know, how do I go about implementing them, and can you send me all the forms?”……that might be a problem.  I don’t at all mind looking preliminarily into topics. But please remember that ultimately this is my profession. The more in depth a question is the more necessary it will be for a more formal arrangement.
  3. Any and all discussions we have over the website do not constitute as attorney-client privilege.
  4. As I explained above, answers will be relatively short. So they are not intended to serve as any full/comprehensive legal advice. Always consult the appropriate legal and tax counsel.
  5. I get super, duper swamped sometimes. It comes in lulls. So if you don’t get an answer immediately DO NOT FREAK. I will get back to you, scout’s honor.
  6. Don’t send any flyers, facebook pokes, etc. Just your questions.
  7. As with anything, I reserve the right to decline to answer certain questions.

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