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Go to law school. Make stellar grades. Go to a big firm. Be happy.


Go to law school. Make stellar grades. Go to a big firm. Be happy.

That was the equation we 1L’s were given the first year in law school, and subsequently,  what I went with. Went through my first two years doing pretty well (if I  say so myself) and landed two fantastic clerkships. But, there was one thing  we weren’t told. It would have been nice if in the middle of  orientation, in true attorney fashion, someone made the disclaimer, “Oh, by the way. Should one of the worst  economic depressions  since the Great Depression occur, law firms will lose it leaving most of you without jobs.”

But we weren’t. And that’s what happened.

So, after I got over the various stages of grieving, and no longer wanted to chunk myself off of a balcony, I started working through my wish-list.  I always wanted to be a board member for a non-profit. So I became one. For several. Wanted to start a blog. So I did. And wanted to write a book. Which I’m working on.  And darnnit if that didn’t do the trick. Two months later I got recruited to Weatherford.

Fast forward to today. It has been incredible marrying the two things that make me insanely happy; the law and non-profit’s. These days, I manage legal departments within the business divisions of a major company. I also have a practice where I help build and grow charities and causes (www.emcclartypllc.com.) But I still write for my nonprofit blog and guest write for other blogs. Whew.

So enough with the dissertation. If you have any other questions, want to know more about me or just want to talk PLEASE feel free to contact me. If you haven’t, check out my firm’s page to see if I can help in any way. If you like being in the know about everything nonprofit or social impact follow my facebook, twitter or linkedin because I post all types of tools, updates and goodies on each every day. And lastly, sign up for the newsletter if you like getting tools and tips straight to your inbox. No spam, I promise.

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