Have You: Created A Charter For Your Nonprofit Committee?

In a recent post I talked about a few things organizations should do when they create or utilize board committees. One of the things I mentioned (that I’m a huge fan of) is the committee charter.

It’s kinda like a constitution for a committee and helps make committees more effective by setting out the who, what, when, why and how.

Charters keep committee’s from creeping outside their scope and minimize disagreements by setting out how things should work as well as who is tasked with making them work.  Most importantly, committee charters protect against the “zombie committee”, that committee created five years ago for an issue that doesn’t even exist anymore but just won’t die, by allowing you to expressly set out the purpose of the committee, how that committee will know it has accomplished its purpose and what happens next.

If your organization doesn’t have committee charters in place I’ve included a checklist below to help get you started.

Board Committee Charter Checklist by Erin McClarty



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