New Social Enterprise Incubator Coming to Houston, Texas

social enterprise, incubator

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in a social impact “unconference”, hosted to introduce a social enterprise incubator opening in Houston.

All I can say is, IT’S A-BOUT (hit the “bout” hard) TIME.

A re-occurring theme throughout the conference was the (seemingly) short supply of resources for social enterprises in Texas, and more specifically in Houston. While there’s no shortage of small business programs, I understand why many feel this way. We have Fruition Labs, and GoodWorks Houston, but as the 4th largest city in the country we (Houston) need more resources on the nuances of running a business where social impact is a priority; because there are many nuances.

But back to the event, amazing discussions where had about community ownership, technology and resourcing the social enterprise ecosystem.


social enterprise, Houston

Yours truly facilitating (Picture Courtesy of The Project Management Team)


social enterprise, Houston

Jaison Oliver leading the troops


I’m super excited to see Command Line come “online” (pun intended) and can’t wait to see what types of applications come in.

For those interested, CommandLine is looking for:

  •  Social Enterprises (i.e. those who have built positive social impact into their business model)
  • That are a for-profit (sorry not-for-profits. But I’m currently working on some funding sources for you)
  • That are concepts, early or late stage ventures

To apply for the first cohort, click here. Parting thoughts are APPLY, APPLY, APPLY. The worst that can happen is you get great feedback.



Annnnnnnd while we’re on the topic of great feedback, our beloved blog was recently voted one of the Top 75 Nonprofit blogs out there *spirit hands*

The rest of the list were heavyweights, many of whom inspired me to start writing. So I’m incredibly honored by the recognition and sooo thankful to those who have supported this throughout the years. More amazing resources to come!




Another opportunity that’s come to my attention is The Dana Juett Residency in Dallas, sponsored by Dallas Social Venture Partners.  It’s a several month program for young people (how old do I sound) who want to learn a new way of being philanthropic, with a focus on true capacity building. Which I love. The application is here.



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