Presentation Slides on the Obligations and Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board

4/2 Update: For those who were having trouble accessing the link to the full presentation and outline, it has been updated.

Good Morning!

Isn’t it a perfect day to be thinking about your board obligations?

…..Well, I think so.

And it got me to thinking about a presentation I did not to long ago, with a great group, on the obligations and responsibilities of board members. After thinking about it, I thought this was something readers could benefit from too.

With the first few slides you can tell  I created the presentation with Texas law primarily in mind.  BUT, there are citations to IRS rulings as well. Not to mention, many of the principles discussed hold true across the board.

The full presentation, plus an outline for context to the slides, can be found here or via the embedded page below.


Here’s another preview:

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested in hosting a similar presentation, or just want to discuss this one further.


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