Legal Resources for Nonprofits [GOOGLE HANGOUT 7/25]

I’ve always felt that knowing where to look is half the battle when researching a question.

More often than not you kinda sorta already have an idea of what you’re looking for, but need to find that first bread crumb that’ll lead you to the next few bread crumbs and ultimately your answer.

Research can be intimidating, especially when it deals with topics as broad and foreign as “legal issues.” Not to mention there’s so many resources out there, ranging from the Judge Judy fanatic with a “knack” for the law to online law libraries and specialized attorneys.

So I thought it might be helpful to host a brief Google Hangout (July 25th) on the legal resources that are easily accessible and can guide organizations through a number of legal topics. I’ll also provide a list of these resources to those who joined after we’re done.

To RSVP click on the link below. I’ll send a link out for the Hangout shortly before the date.



Hangout Image



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