Legal and Finance Workshop for [ALL] Entrepreneurs


June is panning out to be a busy month for everyone. But there’s always time for a business workshop.

On Saturday June 17th, the Social Enterprise Alliance-North Texas Chapter will be holding a Legal & Finance Workshop in Dallas, Texas from 9:45am-12:15pm. Here’s a summary of some of the topics we’ll cover (click on image to see it completely):



This workshop is especially cool for a few reasons:

  • It’s hosted at the Grove, a beau-ti-ful co-working space for any business or individual wanting to make a positive impact. They’re “impact agnostic” a rarity because most spaces focus on certain pillars of change. Instead, all the Grove wants to do is get good people around the table talking. Including those businesses that aren’t social enterprises per se, but still want to effect positive change; big or small. If you haven’t checked out the Grove yet, you should.
  • After the workshop, there’s wine and snacks. Don’t think I need to say more on that.
  • Social Enterprise Alliance is this neat group of entrepreneurs from all walks of life. The North Texas Chapter includes renowned consultants, business leaders, nonprofit leaders, social enterprise innovators and entrepreneurs at the forefront of social entrepreneurialism. Creating this neat microcosm of knowledge and experience for you to pick from and ask questions of. And to that end….
  • Unlike most business workshops, this workshop is open to ventures all kinds. From your more traditional small businesses, to your nonprofits, social enterprises, cooperatives, joint ventures and everything in between; come one come all. Because each aspect of the workshop will cover topics specific to all or each type of venture. Which is especially helpful for those entrepreneurs wanting to spread their wings and dive into different types of ventures.
  • Lastly, you won’t find theory here. The goal isn’t to walk away with glorified vin diagrams and process charts. The goal is to give you realistic, tangible advice on ways to start, improve or move your ventures.

Sign-up for the workshop is here, and oh I can’t forget to mention there’s a deal on the price if you buy a ticket now. You’ll get a second ticket for the bestie! And we hope you’ll stay after for the networker.



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