Guest Post: 5 Things To Think About Before Starting A Nonprofit

Recently I had the privilege of writing a guest post for Laws For Paws; a blog dedicated to discussing animal law issues as well as those impacting organizations that work with animals.  It”s founder Kay is an incredible attorney that has created (what I think is) an indispensable resource for those working or affiliated with animal rescue.

How did this come about? After the Lawyers to the Rescue Conference last year Kay and I got to chatting about how many people we encounter that want to start nonprofits, but may not have a complete understanding of what that encompasses. We thought it would be great if there was a short list of conversation starters these folks could use to assist with deciding whether or not to organize.  Next thing you know, Voila! A post was born.

So if you”ve thought about starting that nonprofit, have a friend that”s thinking about it or are curious as to what it would involve you”ll find this post helpful.

Check it out here. And be sure the peruse the rest of her blog.