Education Opportunity for Houston Nonprofits, Social Enterprises and Other Businesses

There’s an amazing learning opportunity (I’m sorry, FREE learning opportunity) coming up for ventures of all kinds. Each year the kind folks at Peoplefund put on an Innovation Week. One is in Austin and another is in Houston, with Houston’s starting next week.

For an entire week, each day is filled with free seminars and programming on all types of topics that impact Houston organizations. Things like marketing, business organization, legal, financing, etc. And yours truly will kick things of on Monday, where I’ll walk through different ways to do good with or through business. The programming is tailored for organizations of all sizes, given by people in their respective industries (no “theory” here thank you) and great networking events with local funders, community leaders, service providers and other attendants.

Here’s the agenda for the week You can also sign up on on the same page. And also including links to last years presentation so you can see all the goodness