Come one, Come all..With Your Suggestions? What Do Non-Profits Want?

I had a conversation with someone today, who just happens to be a non-profit guru, and we came to a very similar conclusion. It seems like alot of the educational programming targeted to non-profits are one and the same. If its a marketing topic then its some general overview of social media or how to increase fund-raising using it. If its tax related, then its a sprightly discourse over the new”er” 990.  If its legal, it seems like it is almost always on governance.

Don”t get me wrong, all of these things are important. And without a solid knowledge base in each one, you are certainly depriving the organization. But it seems like once you”ve seen one  program you”ve seen them all. They all seem to cover the exact same issues, the exact same cases and the exact same problems.

And I fully understand the need to get as many participants as possible. The more niche the program is, presumably, the more people there are that are being excluded. But, I can”t help but wonder if its just me or do non-profits want more.

What”s really prompted this is I”ve recently found myself brainstorming with people about non-profit education.  How to make seminars more accessible to non-profits. How best to collaborate with those established organizations that already best online casino do education. How do we develop things that maybe haven”t been done yet? How do we elaborate on that which has been covered….and covered…..and covered again?

There are all kinds of questions. But the most important one is…what do non-profits want? Are there specific legal issues that trouble you at night? What is it about taxes that give you a slight twitch and large rash? What else is it about operations that makes you want to run into on-coming traffic?

Come one, come all. Give me your suggestions, your gripes and your complaints. Leave a comment or email me, either way I”m interested to hear what everyone has to say. And you never know, you might just get a program out of it.

By the way, I haven”t gotten around to it quite yet (this weekend”s project) but I”m going to start posting questions that I get. If you have one feel free to send it over, and I”ll do my best to answer it.