Why Board Forum’s Are Indispensible & A Giveaway

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Who hasn’t thrown the “g” word (governance) around?  But like the popularity of crocs, I often wonder if anyone truly understands why it’s so popular?  And more importantly, does anyone care to?

Whether or not you care to, governance is something to cozy up with.  It plays a huge role in grant decisions.  Likely because organizations with a focus on governance decrease the chances for corruption and mission creep but are most likely to be in compliance with the law.

But What Is It?

As to what “governance” is, I see it as the way an organization runs itself. What are the decisions and who will make them? The how (policies, bylaws, procedures) is the most visible and well-known part. But far from the most important. Most important is communication. Because uncommunicated decisions are the tree falling in a forest that no one hears.

A Fix

Online forums allowing the Board and staff to communicate (especially between meetings) are fantastic. Because let’s face it, emails are great. But how difficult is it to keep up with an email chain among the Gap and Kardashian Family Newsletters.

Not to mention, communicating Board business solely through email can be risky. If there’s an investigation or dispute Board Member’s may have to disclose personal email accounts. A central place makes it easier to turn messages over and allows you to house important documents like minutes, Board Books, agendas or meeting materials.

The Giveaway!

Organizations looking to put something in place are in luck. Mail-list.com is giving away a few subscriptions to its platform.

Winners get access to a customizable online forum. Including the ability to push out emails as conversations or materials are updated.

To score a free subscription, email a tip or hack you currently use to encourage communication to info@notationsonnonprofits.com . Top tips or hacks will win!

The giveaway is open to nonprofits, associations, clubs or special interest groups in the Greater Houston Area and closes February 29th at 12:00am CST.

FTC Disclaimer: I received no payment or compensation for the post or the copies being given away.


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