A Veritable Education Buffett…..

Ahhhh….the smell of new education.

I bring up new education because I”ve decided to team up and  offer a workshop addressing some of the legal issues non-profits face in the near future. Disappointed by the offerings, or lack there of, of education for non-profits from a legal perspective, I”ve decided to take the veritable bull by the horns and do something about it myself. After all, I feel just as it is important to know what type of metrics to use in fund-raising, so too is it helpful to know whether your conduct will land you in the big-house. But first, I”d like to know what type of legal issues are plaguing organizations out there.

So I”ve created a 10 question pokies online survey (it”s only ten questions people) to glean a casino better understanding of where organizations are and what they”d like to see. The results will not only help me in figuring out what I can do to help, but I can share with others who might be interested in providing similar education as well. You can take the survey here. No seriously. Take it.

ALSO, I”ll be hosting a free webinar in November that addresses a couple of contracts non-profit organizations might want to familiarize themselves with. It”ll be very informal and very quick. You can register here and more details on this will be forthcoming.