03/22 Google+ Hangout: Contract Basics for Nonprofits

So Notations on Nonprofits is going “tech-y”!

Next Thursday I’ll be hosting a 30 minute hangout on Google+. In it I’ll briefly address a few contract basics   nonprofit directors and staff members will want to be aware of and things they’ll want to look out for when dealing with contracts. Very short, very informal.

What do I mean when I say “basics”? I mean the ground floor…really the basement. What contracts are, how they can be entered into, what forms they come in, you get the picture.

I’m doing this because I feel the general perception of contracts is far different than how they’re actually treated legally. Which, in large part, is why so many people get tripped up and why so many are afraid of them. I’ll also talk about some things directors and staff will want to look out for when receiving, reviewing and signing agreements. AND (try to contain yourself) there may even be resources provided.

So, if I recall correctly only 9 people other than myself can participate in a Google+ hangout at a time. If you’re interested in joining, be sure to send your Google+ username (or your twitter profile) to info@notationsonnonprofits.com (or @legaleagle2010 with the tag #ContractBasics).  You’ll get a reminder a few days  and an hour before the hangout. The first 9 people to join are the lucky winners. It’s as simple as that.

Keep in mind, some of the hangout I will post here, but some of it I won’t. So it would DEFINITELY be of benefit to join.

I’ll also address one or two questions so send those this way if you have them.